Rhino Heavy Duty Planetary Geared motors are a game changer for the machinery industry. The high quality base motors are coupled with a robust and sturdy metal gearbox with 3 stages. For the 200 rpm motor you can run the motor continuosuly upto approx 15 Kgcm load with maximum efficiency. You may increase the load till 60 kgcms which is the stall torque of the motor but not recommended for continuous use. We would recommend to limit the current to 5 – 7 A for preventing any damage to the motor.

These motors have better performance than the Johnson motors and other High Torque motors as the gear box being provided is a Metal Planetary Gear Box. The gearbox in the Johnson Motors and other High Torque Geared Motors is Spur Gear Box. The sturdy metal planetary gearbox of Rhino Planetary Geared DC motor has multiple stages which helps in distributing the load over multiple gears and not putting the load on a single part. Compared to spur gearbox the number of parts in a planetary gear box is much higher which results in even distribution of load and better performance at higher torque and higher speed applications. The planetary gear boxes are also better at retention of lubrication which results in better performance. The planetary gearbox will also provide a more silent operation as compared to Spur gear for high torque or high speed applications considering the construction and retention of lubrication.

The Rhino Heavy duty motors are also provided with a back shaft to mount the requisite encoders for monitoring number of revolutions or for DC servo applications. This makes the motor suitable for multipurpose use as per the industrial application or for Mobile Robot applications with distance and path planning. 

Even the mounting of the motors is very simple with 4 bolts alongwith the clamps provided in the accessories section. Just make sure you are using the correct length of the bolts as a longer bolt can damage the gear box top plate.

Over and above all the performance features being provided by the Rhino Heavy Duty Planetery Geared Motors, these are provided at Category Best Prices for the performance provided. These motors are providing unbeatable performance for industrial applications requiring continuous operations at high torques or at higher speeds. 


  • 200 RPM 12V Rhino Heavy Duty Planetary Geared, DC geared motors with Metal Planetary Gearbox and Metal Gears
  • 18000 RPM base motor
  • 3 stage metal gearbox for optimum high torque operation
  • Motor rated Torque is 15 kg cm along with gearbox and stall torque is 60 kgcm, however it is recommended to use the motor at rated torque for optimum life and efficiency.
  • Shaft is D type with total lenght of 16 mm and D shape in 12 mm.
  • 6mm Dia shaft with M3 thread hole for tight mounting.
  • Shaft can be coupled using CNC coupling 6 mm or using fixed coupling as per requirement
  • Back shaft length is 9 mm
  • Gearbox diameter is 32 mm.
  • Motor Diameter 28.5 mm
  • Length 70 mm without shaft
  • 300gm weight 
  • Supply Voltage : 12 V DC 
  • No-load current : 800 mA, Load current : upto 7.5 A(Max) 


For further heavy duty applications we have IG52 planetary gear motors with 52mm gear box and all metal industrial build quality.. Please check out the complete range of IG52 motors at below link. 


Below is a video demonstarting the application of IG52 motors