The Mega Torque Planetary Encoder DC Geared Motor with Japanese Mabuchi motor RS-775WC as base motor of 100RPM is a unique system which enables you to get the stall torque of the motor even while using the motor at lower RPM. For RPM starting from 0 to maximum rpm possible as per gear box ratio, you can achieve the stall torque of the motor. Using a simple DC motor it is not possible to achieve desired torque at lower speeds because as you vary the input provided to the motor drive the ouput power is reduced. However the Mega Torque Planetary Encoder DC Geared Motor along with the DC servo drive the encoder feedback is a unique system which will allow to achive maximum rated torque at lower speeds alongwith perfect position and multimotor co-ordination. 42mm diameter planetary gearbox gives breaking torque upto 200kgcm. Rated torque of this motor is 92Kgcm at rated 260RPM. This motor has 500 Line optical encoder. This being a Quad Encoder requires 2000 Pulses Per Revolution of the base motor.  Gear ratio is 1:61. The Optical encoder coupled with the base motor is a quad encoder which provides 1,20,600 Counts per Revolution (CPR).

This motor is perfect for accurate speed applications and multimotor robotic platforms where speed and position co-ordination is important. This motor serves for critical applications where two motors working at same speeds are important for the working of the system. Also it gives a very fine setting to achieve required speed control using the high number of counts which are availaible with the coupled encoder. 

To control the position of the motor and the speed, our DC Servo Drive RMCS -2301 is recommended to be used with this.


This Drive makes it very easy to control the speed and position of the motor using step pulses and direction. The quad encoder feedback is to be provided to this drive which has a step multiplier in steps uptill 8x. So for a waveform of 10khz, you can generate 48,00,000 pulses per minute to drive the encoder motor. This is suitable for lower rpm motors which have a higher count per revolution (CPR). For higher RPM motors where gearbox ratios are lower, the multiplier settings can be set to 2x or 4x to achieve the desired count required. Hence the motor and drive alonwith a PWM and frequency control can provide a perfect solution for precision position and speed control system.


  • Rated Voltage: 18 VDC
  • Hardened slotted shaft 8 mm diameter, 20 mm length
  • Slot on shaft for easy coupling
  • Mounting PCB of 40mm x 4 holes
  • No load speed: 291 RPM
  • No Load current: 2.7 Amps
  • Gear Ratio: 1:61
  • Rated Torque: 92 kgcm
  • Rated Speed: 260 RPM
  • Rated Current: 18.7 Amps
  • Motor length without Shaft: 125 mm
  • Shaft Length: 27 mm
  • Motor Dia: 46 mm
  • Shaft Dia: 8 mm
  • Gearbox Breaking Torque: 200 kgcm
  • Stall current: 130 Amps
  • Count Per Revolution is 1,34,000 (CPR)

The 0.18 degree resolution optical encoder with quadrature outputs for increment and decrement counting. It will give 2000 transitions per rotation between outputs A and B. A quadrature decoder is required to convert the pulses to an up or down count. The Encoder is build to Industrial grade.

Incremental Encoder Power and Input Terminal Assignments

*We recommend current controlled drive of Max 20Amps to be used with this motor so that it will not damage the gearbox. Gearbox is as such robust but cannot sustain if the motor is stalled which is rare case only.