Full customization, branding and OEM options

DSP Based Microstepping drives

Powerful and Economical drives Small footprint No compromise in performance....
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Range of Stepper Motors

Stepper motors from NEMA17 to NEMA34 size Torque from 3Kgcm to 85Kgcm Works with our microstepping drive...
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Hybrid Servo Motors & Drives

Economical option for AC servo motor Same input as Stepper Driver Easy to tune PID settings Compatible with DC motors upto 50V 5Amp Pulse-Direction input...
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DC Motor with Encoder

Economical DC motor with inbuilt encoder 2000 pulse per revolution encoder 5 Kg.Cm torque @ 3000 RPM...
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Rhino Motion Controls is a brand for industrial grade products suitable for a variety of motion control. We provide end solutions for motion control and also products related to motion control solutions in India. All products are available as OEM and brand customized products. Dealers and distributors are welcome.

Upcoming Products

CNC standalone controller AC Servo Motors & Drives