The RHINO SOLAR PUMP VFD is Designed to Deliver Water in Remote Locations Where Access to Reliable AC Power May Be Uncertain or Non-existent Also It is Suitable for All the Locations. This Controller Operates Seamlessly on DC Power Supplied by the Pv Array. During Sunny Days, the Solar Pumping System Can Consistently and Efficiently Move Water. In Instances Where There Are No Batteries or Other Energy Storage Devices, It is Advisable to Pump Water to a Reservoir for Future Use. Water Sources Can Range From Natural Bodies Like Rivers, Lakes, and Wells to Specialized Waterways. To Manage the Pump’s Operation Effectively, a Float Switch Can Be Installed in the Water Tower.
This Solar Pump Controller Continuously Monitors System Performance and Detects a Variety of Abnormal Conditions. In Many Cases, the Controller Will Compensate as Needed to Maintain Continuous System Operation. However, if There is a High Risk of Equipment Damage, the Controller Will Protect the System and Display the Fault Condition.
The Solar Pump Controller is a Variable Speed Motor Drive Designed to Operate Various BLDC and  AC Induction Pump Sets Specifically Engineered for 1HP Pumps.