The Rhino Industrial Planetary Geared (IPG) 52W BLDC motor is a compact workhorse for the industrial conveyor belts,  food processing equipment, mobile industrial robots and other continuous use applications in the industry. The Rhino IPG 52W BLDC motor RMCS-2020 is available in the Nema17 frame size along with an all metal integrated planetary gear box with a 1:4 gear ratio. This provides a usable rated torque of 4.2Kgcm at 1080RPM. This torque at 1080 RPM in the compact Nema17 frame size is an industry first unique offering from Rhino Motion Controls. This has been made possible because of the High quality motors combined with the High Performance Brushless DC motor driver RMCS-3002 which offers a high performance closed-loop industrial solution for these motors operating at 24 V. The Rhino High Performance drive can provide a speed control from 20 rpm to 4000 rpm of the base motor which would translate to a range of 5 rpm to 1000 rpm at the output shaft. Also, the output torque would remain constant during the entire speed range when used with the Rhino motion driver RMCS-3002 or Rhino motion driver RMCS-3001.

The detailed description of the drive can be found from below link:

The Rhino IPG 52W Brushless DC motor and drive are rated to work at 24 volts which is the rated voltage for many industrial applications. Also the reliability and long term trouble free performance is guaranteed by the high build quality and stringent standards for QC inspection in place at Rhino Motion Controls.
The Rhino IPG 52W brushless DC motors are closed loop motors provided with low noise hall sensor feedback. This sensor feedback enables a precise speed control of the motors along with maintaining the high torque requirements.
Motor Specifications with Planetary Gearbox:

  • Rated Toruqe : 4.2 Kgcm
  • Rated speed : 1078 Rpm
  • Gear ratio : 1 : 4
  • Motor length without Shaft & gearbox : 61mm
  • Gear box lengh(L) : 27.3mm
  • Shaft Length: 20mm
  • Shaft Dia: 8mm
  • Efficiency: 0.81%
  • Input Voltage : 24VDC
  • Input Current : uptill 10 A (power supply of 240 W, 24V, 10 A  should be used for optimum results)
  • Output Power : 52 W
  • Weight: 650 grams

Base Motor Specifications:

  • Number of poles : 8
  • Phase to Phaseresistance : 0.73 ohms
  • No load speed : 5800 Rpm
  • No load current : 0.45 Amps Max.
  • Rated torque : 0.125 N-m
  • Rated speed : 4000 Rpm
  • Insulation class : B

Motor Wiring Connections:
The motor has 8 wires which need to be connected to the drive as per below :

  • Motor Phase U ( Yellow color 20 AWG wire )
  • Motor Phase V ( Green color 20 AWG wire )
  • Motor Phase W (Blue color 20 AWG wire )
  • Encoder Phase U ( Yellow color 26 AWG wire)
  • Encoder Phase V ( Green color 26 AWG wire)
  • Encoder Phase W ( Blue color 26 AWG wire)
  • Encoder VCC ( +5 V DC Red color wire)
  • Encoder Ground ( Ground Black color wire)