This combo of is ideal for CNC machines, diamond machines, laser machines. Standard NEMA34 frame size with 85Kgcm holding torque with ES-D1008 Leadshine drive. Rated for 400W AC servo applications up to 2000RPM.

Motor Specifications

  • Step Angle : 1.8 Degree, 50 pole
  • Configuration: 4 wire bipolar stepper motor, 2-phase AC
  • Rated Voltage: 3.2V
  • Phase current: 4.2Amp
  • Resistance/phase: 0.44ohm
  • Inductance/Phase: 4.4mH
  • Rotor inertia: 2700gcm2
  • Encoder Resolution(CPR) = 1000
  • Insulation Class: Class B
  • Length (L): 145mm
  • Shaft Dia : 14mm
  • Shaft Length : 40mm
  • Shipping Weight: 4000grams

Drive Specifications:

  • Leadshine original ES-D1008 easy servo drive
  • Step and direction control
  • Operating voltage: 20-70VAC or 30-100VDC
  • Load based output current of 0.5 – 8.2A
  • High torque at starting and low speed
  • Significantly reduced motor heating
  • Smooth motor movement and extra low motor noise
  • No loss of steps; no hunting; no overshooting
  • Operating Temperature : 70 C

Power and Motor Terminal Assignments


Encoder Input Pins


Pulse and Direction Inputs