This Encoder DC Servo motor solution integrates an 0.2deg resolution optical encoder and a high power electronic servo drive on an Industrial grade high torque dc motor. It supports UART/I2C/PPM/Analog signals directly for absolute speed and absolute position control. This solution works extremely well for slow speeds by providing high correction torque through a closed PI control loop.

The Motor is a Industrial grade 200RPM high torque motor with a massive torque of 32kgcm in small size. The motor has a metal gearbox with all high quality metal gears and has a off-centered shaft.

High Torque DC Geared Motor Features

  • 200RPM 12V DC motors with Metal Gearbox and Metal Gears
  • 18000 RPM base motor
  • 6mm Dia shaft with M3 thread hole
  • Gearbox diameter 37 mm.
  • Motor Diameter 28.5 mm
  • Length 63 mm without shaft
  • Shaft length 15mm
  • 180gm weight
  • 32kgcm torque
  • No-load current = 800 mA, Load current = upto 7.5 A(Max)

Encoder and Drive Specifications

  • Zero-backlash DC servo performance
  • 0.2deg resolution optical encoder integrated on motor output shaft
  • High-Current DC Servo motor driver integrated with the motor
  • Absolute (32bit) Motor position control interface via UART, I2C, PPM signal and analog input
  • Accurate Motor speed control interface via UART, I2C, PPM signal and analog input
  • Industrial Grade Aluminum housing for motor and drive
  • Compatible with NEMA 23 mounting setup
  • Speed and position can be controlled using a terminal or MCU via simple UART commands
  • I2C master device can control multiple RMCS-220x via simple I2C command structures
  • An RC receiver or any PPM source can directly control the speed of the motor
  • An analog signal or fixed analog voltage from a potentiometer can directly control the speed of the motor

Power and Input Terminal Assignments

Terminal No.

Terminal Name

Wire Color


Terminal 1



Ground should be connected to negative of supply of battery

Terminal 2



I2C clock / PPM input signal / Analog Voltage Input

Terminal 3

SDA/Analog Sense


I2C Data / Analog Input Sense

Terminal 4



UART Data Transmit of speed controller, connect to RXD of host

Terminal 5



UART Data Receive of speed controller, connect to TXD of host

Terminal 6

V+ (12V)


V+ should be connected to positive of supply or battery


Encoder DC High-Torque Servo Motor and Driver User’s Manual