This is an 0.09 degree resolution optical encoder with quadrature outputs for increment and decrement counting. It will give 4000 transitions per rotation between outputs A and B. A quadrature decoder is required to convert the pulses to an up or down count. The Encoder is build to Industrial grade. It also gives one Z Index pulse output per rotation.

Incremental Encoder Specifications

  • 8mm Dia Hollow Bore Shaft
  • 1000PPR and Max 6000 RPM
  • Body Dia 38mm
  • Hollow Shaft Length 15mm

Power and Input Terminal Assignments

      Terminal No.       Terminal Name       Wire Color Description
Terminal 1 VCC RED VCC should be connected to +ve 5V of supply
Terminal 2 GND BLACK       Ground should be connected to negative of supply
Terminal 3 Enc A GREEN Quadrature encoded output A
Terminal 4 Enc B WHITE Quadrature encoded output B
Terminal 5 INDEX Z YELLOW Index output Z