The position of the DC servo motor can be controlled by a STEP/PULSE and DIRECTION digital interface similar to stepper motors. The PULSE/STEP, DIRECTION inputs are optically isolated. Both inputs work with 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V logic drive signals. This drive is fully compatible with Mega torque encoder motors & Rhino IG52 servo encoder motors.


  • Smooth, quiet operation at all speeds and Zero-Backlash DC Servo Motor Performance.
  • Input supply voltage from 12VDc to 48VDC.
  • Selectable Gain Multiplier and Selectable Error Limit.
  • PULSE and DIRECTION inputs with opto-isolated interface.
  • Pots for tuning of Proportional, Integral and Differential Gains and also 1 pot for limiting the current.
  • 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V compatible PULSE and DIRECTION inputs with 2-wire opto-isolated interface.
  • LED indication for power and error states.

For brief description of PID Control refer below link:″
power and motor terminal assignment:

      Terminal No.       Terminal Name Description
Terminal 1 GND Power Ground or Power –Ve
Terminal 2 +V       Power +Ve (12VDC to 48VDC Max wrt. GND)
Terminal 3 Motor 1 DC motor connection 1
Terminal 4 Motor 2 DC motor connection 2

Encoder and Input Terminal Assignments:

      Terminal No.       Terminal Name Description
Terminal 5 ENA Encoder A input
Terminal 6 ENB Encoder B input
Terminal 7 5V       5V volt for Encoder only
Terminal 8 Gnd Gnd for Encoder only
Terminal 9 DIR-
Terminal 10 DIR+
Terminal 11 PULSE-
Terminal 12 PULSE+

Selection of Overall Gain for servo control loop (This depends upon the input voltage applied to the drive)

      Gain Multiplier       SW1       SW2
Servo Gain 1x OFF OFF
Servo Gain 2x OFF ON
Servo Gain 3x ON OFF
Servo Gain 4x ON ON

Setting Error Limit and Multiplier

Multiplier       SW3       SW4
      Step Input Multiplier 8x OFF OFF
Step Input Multiplier 4x OFF ON
Step Input Multiplier 2x ON OFF
Step Input Multiplier 1x ON ON

PID Tuning Potentiometer Resistance value for different motors

Motor Type       Power Supply        Gain Multiplier
SW1 & SW2
      Step Input Multiplier
SW3 & SW4
      Current Limit
      Proportional Gain
      Integral Gain
      Differential Gain
Rhino IG32  High Precision Encoder Motor 24V 10A 2x 1x  4 K 2.027 K 348.6 0.591 K
Rhino IG32 Quad Encoder Motor 2x 2.158 K 0.515 K 1.187 K
      High Torque High Precision Encoder Motor 2x 2.075 K 222 0.579 K
High Torque Quad Encoder Motor 2x 2.152 K 0.956 K 1.233 K
Mega Torque Encoder Servo Motor 2x 1.757 K 313.6 K 0.683 K
IG52 Encoder Servo Motor 4x 1.906 K 1.240 K 0.762 K