It is a high quality small spindle motor for the engraving machine works on 12-48VDC. Spindle motor can be used for curving metal or non-metallic materials. It includes cooling fan and the shank.


  • Working voltage: 12-48VDC (the slower the voltage at the end of the speed)
  • Power: 300W
  • Speed: 3000-12000r / min
  • Torque: 230mN.m
  • Insulation resistance: greater than 2MΩ
  • Insulation dielectric strength: 400V
  • Diameter: 52mm
  • Chuck part length: 48mm
  • Chuck part diameter: 16mm
  • Motor length : 175mm
  • Spindle radial runout 0.02-0.05
  • Can be used for carving metal or non-metallic materials