This combo of 10 KgCm Torque motor with Leadshine Microstepping drive is ideal for small and medium sized CNC machines and robots. When used in CNC machines you can get rapid movement speeds up to 4200 mm/min.

RMCS-6602 is a DM542 leadshine drive with fully digital stepper drive developed with advanced DSP control algorithm based on the latest motion control technology. It has achieved a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimal torque and nulls mid-range instability. Its motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration feature offers quick setup to optimal modes with different motors. Compared with traditional analog drives, DM542 can drive a stepper motor at much lower noise, lower heating, and smoother movement. Its unique features make DM542 an ideal choice for high requirement applications.

Motor Features

  • Step Angle : 1.8 Degree
  • Configuration: 4 or 6 wire stepper motor
  • Holding Torque: 10.2kgcm bipolar, 7.2kgcm unipolar
  • Rated voltage : 3.3VDC
  • Phase current : 2Amp
  • Resistance/phase: 1.65E
  • Inductance/Phase : 2.2mH
  • Rotor inertia: 275 gcm2
  • Detent torque: 0.36kgcm
  • Length (L): 51mm
  • Weight: 650 grams

General Specifications:

  • Leadshine DM542 digital stepper drive
  • Anti-Resonance, provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability
  • Input voltage 18-50VDC
  • Output current programmable, from 1A to 4.2A
  • Pulse input frequency up to 200 KHz
  • Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Over-voltage, over-current protection
  • TTL compatible and optically isolated input
  • Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes  
  • Operating Temperature : 70 C

Power and Motor Terminal Assignment

Pulse and Direction Inputs